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AIMEN Technology Centre is a non-profit private association that provides industry with R&D services in areas including environment, welding, materials and manufacturing processes, and Non-Destructive-Testing.  AIMEN participates in numerous regional, national and international R&D&i projects. In the majority of cases in collaboration with the industry, both SMEs and large multinational companies that can be grouped into the following five research lines: Environment, Joining Technologies, Laser Technologies, Materials and Manufacturing Processes, Design and Simulation, and Non Destructive Testing.

AIMEN is the EU coordinator of SWINGS project

Contact Person: Dr. Juan A. Alvarez

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Department of Biological Sciences belongs to the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Aarhus (AU), the second largest University in Denmark with about 34 000 students. The research at the section of Plant Biology (Department of Biological Sciences) is focused on the ecophysiology of aquatic plants in streams, lakes and wetlands and the use of wetlands in water pollution control.


Contact Person: Dr. Carlos A. Arias


Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) is Active in education, research and transfer of knowledge in the field of environmental engineering, particularly in water quality control and water and sludge treatment (natural wastewater treatment systems, water recycling and reuse, sludge treatment processes, modelling of wastewater treatment systems and low-cost biodigestors). The group at the UPC has a remarkable role in promoting awareness on water resources, planning and on technical aspects of water treatment systems in Catalonia, Spain and internationally.  


Contact Person: Dr. Joan Garcia


The Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ, Germany, was established in 1991 as the first and only centre in the Helmholtz Association of National Research Centres to be exclusively devoted to environmental research in a great variety of fields. It currently employs around 1000 people. Founded in response to the severe pollution prevailing in Central Germany, the UFZ has become a world-wide acknowledged centre of expertise in the remediation and re-naturation of contaminated landscapes, as well as the preservation of biodiversity and natural landscapes. Since its foundation in 1991 the UFZ has participated in more than 130 EC funded projects.


Contact Person: Dr. Manfred van Afferden


NATIONAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY FOR ENVIRONMENT AND AGRICULTURE (IRSTEA) is a public research institute that targets results directly useable in land and water management. The goal is to produce new knowledge and technical innovations for use by managers, decision-makers and companies in providing answers to the specific questions raised by society concerning resource management, land use and development. Work focuses on surface-water resources, land and aquatic ecosystems, predominantly rural areas and water technologies. Their expertise lies in the fields of the engineering sciences, the natural and life sciences, earth sciences, the humanities and social sciences.



Contact Person: Dr. Pascal Molle










AUTARCON GmbH is a spinoff of Kassel University and was founded in 2010. AUTARCON is specialized on self sufficient drinking water treatment for remote off-grid regions and consists of an interdisciplinary team with presently 5 employees. AUTARCON is specialized on the development of adapted control units for solar driven water treatment systems with focus on electrolytic water disinfection, water quality monitoring and online transmission of operational parameters. The AUTARCON staff involved in the project has lived and worked for several years in developing regions implementing sustainable water treatment technologies.


Contact Person: Mr. Philipp Otter


KILIAN is an engineering consultant company established in 1997 and dedicated to the establishment, research and developing of water related projects. KILIAN has built over 300 wastewater treatment solutions systems including constructed wetlands, evaporative systems, sand filters, composting toilets and infiltration systems. Additionally, to construction and development KILIAN activities include consulting, advising, design, development and maintenance of water related infrastructure. KILIAN also participates in training and teaching activities for professional water operators.


Contact Person: Mr. René Kilian


LIMNOS is a small enterprise specialized in research, development, application, and marketing of sustainable solutions for the protection of water ecosystems and non-invasive “green” technologies for ecosystem restoration. The main fields of work are treatment wetlands for different wastewaters, rehabilitation of landfill sites, revitalization of small watercourses and lakes and prevention of dispersed pollution. LIMNOS has twelve employees educated and specialized in natural sciences, sanitary and civil engineering representing an interdisciplinary working team.


Contact Person: Dr. Darja Istenic


SolarSpring GmbH (SSP), based in Freiburg, Germany, was founded in February 2009 as a spin-off company of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE). The main scope of the company is the development, construction, production and distribution of solar powered water treatment systems and particular membrane distillation and reverse osmosis systems for desalination, membrane filtration systems for purification and disinfections systems.



Contact Person: Mr. Marcel Wieghaus


DHI is a not-for-profit research and technology institute with 350 employees in Denmark. DHI assists industry and the authorities in managing water, microorganisms, and chemicals and is internationally recognized especially for its expertise in water management and water policy, including modeling of urban, agricultural, and wastewater. The Department Environment and Toxicology (EAT) deals with the evaluation of risk assessment of microorganisms and chemicals in water, food, feed, pharmaceuticals, or cosmetics.


Contact Person: Mr. Michael Fink


Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) is a premier university comes under central government of India. It draws students from all over the country as well as from foreign countries. The University has a campus spreaded over 7 of land. The University currently has about 32000 students on its rolls, most of who stay in 16 halls of residences with 70 hostels. It employs about 1400 academic staff, and about 6000 non-teaching staff. It presently covers a very wide spectrum of academic disciplines, having 95 departments, 5 institutions, 13 centres. The University offers 325 courses/programmes.

AMU is the Indian coordinator of SWINGS project

Contact Person: Dr. Nadeem Khalil

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


International Centre for Ecological Engineering (ICEE) was established in the University of Kalyani in 2002 with collaboration with International Ecological Engineering Society, Switzerland. Since then it has been focusing research and development in the areas of wastewater management, eco sanitation, water quality monitoring, eco reclamation, etc. Apart from successful completion of several national projects, the ICEE has also successfully completed several international collaborative projects funded by EU and TTZ on Ecological sanitation, GTZ on ecological sanitation and wastewater management.


 Contact Person: Dr. B.B. Jana


Centre for Built Environment (CBE) in Kolkata, India is a non-profit professional society for the promotion of sustainable development. It consists of architects, town planners and environmental engineers from Universities, Government, NGO’s etc. With the objectives of water as key element in sustainable development, the centre has organised training programmes in recycling of waste water, urban food production, urban rivers and water and cities. Members have presented papers at world water forum, Stockholm water symposium, Brisbane river symposium and other international conferences.


Contact Person: Dr. Santosh K. Ghosh


The Indira Gandhi National Tribal University (IGNTU), Amarkantak has been established by an Act of the Parliament of India. It came into existence in 2007 and is fully funded by the Central Government through the University Grant Commission. It is a relatively new organization and developing very fast.


Contact Person: Dr. Virendra K. Mishra


Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are institutions of national importance established through an Act of Parliament for fostering excellence in education. FITT is the Industrial Interface of IIT Delhi. It was established at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD) as a Registered Society on 9th July 1992. The mission of FITT is to be an effective Interface with the Industry to foster, promote and sustain commercialization of Science and Technology in the Institute for mutual benefits.


Contact Person: Dr. Atul K. Mittal


AARVEE Associates, an ISO 9001:2008 certified independent Indian engineering and infrastructure consulting company based at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. The company which was established in 1989 now has a pan-India presence, with a branch office in New Delhi and several project offices in all the major states across the country. In addition to over 1000 successful assignments in India, AARVEE has carried out projects in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka as well as in African countries.


Contact Person: Dr. K.S.S. Prasad


URBANPLAN is a leading premier consultancy organization based in New Delhi, India. Its environmental division is actively engaged in providing consulting and engineering services in the areas of: Public Health Engineering, Water Supply & Water Treatment, Sewerage System & Sewage Treatment, Solid & Industrial Waste Management Industrial Pollution Control, and Environmental Impact Assessment Studies.


Contact Person: Dr. R.H. Siddiqi


Kalyani Shine India (KSI) is a non profit organization located in Kalyani at B-10/289, West Bengal, India. It is empowered with highly experienced and eminent professionals in different disciplines, and fulfilling all the criteria of the registered NGO. Apart from need based research and educational activities, it is basically involved in the dissemination of technical know how and imparting training to skilled and unskilled persons and especially to promote outreach programmes with main objectives for economic enlistment of large section of rural people.


Contact Person: Dr. Paritosh Ghunti



UPJN is a semi-government organization which is responsible for implementing water supply schemes, sewerage networks, and wastewater (sewage) treatment plants in all the rural and urban areas of the state of Uttar Pradesh, which has about 57 districts. It is governed by JAL NIGAM BOARD which is headed by the Chairman, appointed by the State Government besides the members specified in the water supply and sewerage act 1975. In each zone, it is headed by respective Zonal Chief Engineers.


 Contact Person: Mr. Vinay Pal Singh


Aligarh Nagar Nigam (ANN) (Municipal Corporation), Aligarh, India is the URBAN LOCAL BODY (ULB) which was established in 1994 within the 74th Amendment promulgated by the Parliament in the year 1992 and as per the U.P. Nagar Nigam Act of 1959. Before this, it was Municipal Council (Nagar Palika). It is responsible to create and maintain basic civic facilities within the municipal boundary to about 8.6 lakhs residents of the Aligarh city. ANN is mainly looking after the civic services like sanitation, solid waste management, repair and maintenance of drains, creation of water supply network, maintaining it and ensuring sufficient quantity of water is available for the citizens.


 Contact Person: Mr Alok Kumar



This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement N° 308502